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The SFTE EC Symposium 2013 - Invitation and Information Brochure

The symposium theme is "Defeating Murphy’s Law in Flight Test”.

In flight test sometimes the most unlikely things happen. Who would have known that a simple series of pitot static tests would have to be stalled twice in two consecutive years because of volcano eruptions and that the pitot statics aircraft – DLR’s Falcon 20 - would be known today as Volcano Ash Hunter. But it does not require a volcano - sometimes it’s just the regular stuff like the weather, technical problems, the technician who goes skiing and breaks his leg the day before the campaign or request for visit forms which magically vanish. It can be the high risk testing which works out just fine and at the very moment when everyone thinks you’re done something completely unrelated to the test goes wrong.

For flight testers, “lesson’s learned” are the most important outcome of flight test next to its primary test objective. It helps us to make the next test even safer than the one before or to make it happen at all in spite of Murphy’s law. We’d like to hear
your flight test stories, what you learned and how you safely prepare for the unknown and unexpected that always awaits us.

Deadline for abstracts: 3rd March 2013
Notification to authors before: 3rd April 2013
Deadline for submission of papers: 28th April 2013

Registration must be completed in advance. The online registration will soon be available here.

Please find all the information you need in the
Symposium Brochure.