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New Year Message from the SFTE European Chapter

Dear Colleagues:

Year 2016 has finished and we are starting 2017.
It is time to review what has been done the past 365 days.

We had a very successful symposium in Nuremberg in May. We share the event with ETC, a good bunch of papers were presented, and people took the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge. Networking worked as good as always.

We had our own renewal with the selection of a new Logo. We have been using the old one since the very beginning, however the new media and communications needs asked for a more convenient design. Finally we got a winner, and a new design was born. We have already started to use it, and we hope that all the media work will be easier now.

I would like to recall here our two colleagues killed in an accident last 30 October: Pietro Venanzi and Herb Moran. They passed away in a helicopter accident.

Two American flight testers also perished in another helicopter testing accident in July 6th in United States. Our prayers and thoughts for them and their families.

28th European symposium is currently underway. A call for papers has been already delivered. This time we will share the event with the ERF (European Rotorcraft Forum) in September. We are looking forward for this new adventure and hoping we will have as usual many good histories and papers to be shared among the audience. The venue itself is exciting, as we are coming back to Italy, this time in Milan. Our colleagues at Politecnico de Milano, will provide us this time the support for this symposium. Thank you guys.

We are expecting for your contributions for this and all the other activities currently under way in the society.

The Board of the European Chapter wishes the best in the New Year for you and your families.