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Beholder. Big Data Analysis In Flight Test

Miguel Arevalo Nogales, Senior Engineer in Flight Test Analysis Tools, Airbus Defence and Space
Getafe-Madrid, Spain


Latest innovations in data acquisition and monitoring have increased the amount of data available to the engineer, making the analysis more detailed but also more costly and time consuming. This piece showcases Beholder and Event Detector, two analysis tools which improve analysis procedures by automatically detecting time slices and their related events.

This automatic, unattended, behaviour is suited for Big Data analysis, since it complements raw data with a new kind of information, events. In most typical Big Data analysis applications, e-Commerce, IOT, etc. events are automatically generated since their detection is quite clear, they normally respond to human reactions or sensor changes. In an aeronautical environment events can be more complex and may come not only from human intervention or sensors, but also by complex systems generating constructs where events are tied and dependent on from each other.

Beholder and Event Detector are Airbus answer to automatic event recognition, transforming a manual task into an automated procedure suitable for Big Data analysis techniques.

Thu, 2017-09-14