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2018 New Year Message from the SFTE European Chapter

Dear colleagues, finally 2017 has come to and end, and another new year lies down in front of us for the next 365 days.
We can now look behind what have been done in the last period.
Flight Test has been busy along last year in Europe. New Gripen model has started flight test, Airbus has managed the first flights of A330neo but also of A340 BLADE demonstrator for laminar wing in a very short period of time, and A400M continues the flight test campaign for the military capabilities.

We celebrated the 28th European symposium, in September. This time we have it in a completely new place for us. We made a joint event with the European Rotorcraft Forum. This time we relied on people from Politécnico de Milano, who made an outstanding work of preparation for the event.
General feeling, among participants, is that the event was a complete success, and for the first time Rotorcraft issues were the “trending topic” along all the presentations and discussions during the symposium.

We have been starting to use our new logo, after the selection process we had in 2016.

Right now we are working on the 29th European chapter symposium. This event will take place in Nederlands, under the host of NLR.
We will deliver shortly the new Call for Papers with all the details and information.

Finally we have managed to set up the rules for the “JESUALDO MARTINEZ” award. This award will have a two-year periodicity, it is expected that the first award will be delivered in 2019. We will keep you posted on these this and other developments through our web page.

Your participation in the society is key for the society itself. Please notice that our chapter is called “European”, but we are really a “non American” chapter.
Check your current membership, and if you notice that somebody that should be member is not, please let us know to check this out.

Expectations for this New Year are really high, and everything points towards a busy time for flight test activities.
Please receive our best wishes for the days to come in the name of the board of the European chapter.