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Summary of the 4th SFTE EC Mini-Symposium

Pratica di Mare (Rome), Italy (1991-06-06/07)
The Symposium attendees in front of the gate guardian, a FIAT G 91.

The fourth mini-symposium took place on Pratica di Mare airfield (Rome, Italy) in the premises of the Italian Air Force Flight Test Centre (Reparto Sperimentale di Volo, RSV).

The combined efforts of Alenia and RSV produced a successful event thanks also to a hot Mediterranean sun and excellent Italian food.

Major Maurizio Astolfi (RSV) and Pierluigi Duranti (Alenia) took care of the organisation.

Many papers were presented and it was felt that, in the future, some additional time was necessary for making the Symposium a little bit more relaxed. In fact the subsequent one, held in Munich, was slightly long lasting.

The Symposium was enriched by a very interesting visit to the Italian Air Force Museum of Vigna di Valle, in front of Bracciano Lake.

The static display of numerous prestigious historical antique aircraft was appreciated by all the attendees as well as the dinner offered by Alenia.